FREESIA – The South African Premiere


Saturday, 6th January 2018 at 7pm

Join us for the South African premiere of an intrepid and provocative new British film that fearlessly tackles present-day anti-Muslim bigotry and burgeoning Islamophobia. This trail-blazing film – produced by Conor Ibrahiem,  an aspiring and brave young Muslim director from Bradford in the north of England – is a truly riveting and eye-opening account of mounting xenophobia and discrimination against the British Muslim community. The screening of Freesia will be combined with a delicious (complimentary) home-cooked supper that will be followed by live Skype conversation with the film-maker about the key points raised in his pioneering production. Freesia was released just three months ago in the UK to much acclaim and it is having its debut screening at the Open Mosque. This is yet another indication of our unyielding commitment to free speech and robust debate.

Don’t miss out on viewing one of the most pertinent films of the year that deals courageously with inter-community relations and rising social tensions in the UK in the wake of escalating Muslim violence and terrorist outrages. 

Reserve your place expeditiously to avoid any disappointment: / 021-824 1400

[Click on image to view Trailer]