Gender Equity

The Open Mosque believes that all men and women were created equal in the sight of God Almighty. The Holy Qur’an, Islam’s transcendent text, endorses this theological axiom.

For this reason, the Open Mosque will heed the original format of the first house of prayer that was established by the Blessed Prophet Muhammad in Madinah. In terms of gender equity, this means that there will be no separate entrances for either gender and that women will be present in the same prayer hall without any artificial partitions or synthetic barriers.  Moreover, women at the Open Mosque are an integral part of the Executive Council and hold important leadership positions on the Management Committee. We welcome active female participation at all levels of operation.

We believe that full sexual equality and gender parity is an unequivocal Qur’anic ordinance and that women’s intrinsic rights are not subordinate to those of their male counterparts. Islam is a gender-equal religion and does not condone any form of sexual discrimination. This is an irrevocable part of the Open Mosque’s mission.

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