‘ID AL-ADHA Prayers




Wednesday, 22nd August 2018 @ 8:30am


THE OPEN MOSQUE has great pleasure to invite you, your family and friends to attend the ‘Id al-Adha prayers and celebration marking the end of the annual pilgrimage (hajj) to the blessed city of Makkah. The Salat al-‘Id (‘Id Congregational Prayers) will be held at 8:30 am on Wednesday, 22nd August 2018.


Aside from re-emphasizing spiritual proximity to the Sovereign Creator and re-affirming the global harmony of all humanity, the annual hajj is a key Islamic mechanism to address the rights of the impoverished and the marginalised in society. As part of their religious devotions, pilgrims to the birthplace of Islam seek to copy the extraordinary piety and righteousness of the Prophet Abraham by donating what they can to alleviate the pain and suffering of the destitute, deprived and dispossessed.


In conformity with the authentic practices (sunnah) of the Prophet Muhammad, it is incumbent upon all Muslims, including women and children, to attend the public ‘Id prayers and festivities. Since no believer is exempt because of their gender or physical condition from participating in this uplifting spiritual occasion, the Open Mosque extends the warmest welcome to every Muslim (as well as those of other faiths and none) to join us on this special day of fraternity, food and festivity.





8:30 am          Takbirat  – The Melodic Praising and Glorification of the Creator

8:45 am          Salat al-‘Idd  (‘Id congregational prayers)

8:55 am          ‘Id Khutbah – Sermon by Shafiek Noordien,

Nephew of the late Imam Haroun


9:30 am          Exchanging of Greetings & Gifts

9:45 am          Complimentary Refreshments


10:30 pm        Function concludes

We look forward to welcoming everyone (men, women and children) as well as our non-Muslim guests and friends to join us at this auspicious time to mark the end of this year’s pilgrimage and to celebrate this important annual sacred and social event in a spirit of faith, friendship and forgiveness. Inshallah / Deo Volente / God-willing.