and Celebratory Brunch


Monday, 12th September 2016

9:30 am

The Open Mosque

4 Lester Road

Wynberg 7824

Cape Town


Since the annual pilgrimage to Makkah reaches its climax this Sunday, The Open Mosque has great pleasure in inviting you, your family, friends and colleagues to attend the ‘Id al-Adha prayers and celebrations to celebrate the end of the hajj.

The Salat al-‘Id (Congregational Prayers) will begins at 9:30 am sharp on Monday, 12th September 2016 and is incumbent on all Muslims, male and female.

Aside from re-emphasizing spiritual proximity to the Sovereign Creator and the global harmony of all humanity, the yearly hajjis an essential religious mechanism to address the rights of the impoverished and the marginalised in society. As part of their religious devotions, pilgrims extol and emulate the extraordinary righteousness of the noble prophet Abraham by donating what they can to alleviate the pain and suffering of the destitute, deprived and dispossessed.

In conformity with the authentic practices (sunnah) of the blessed Prophet Muhammad, it is obligatory upon all Muslims, including women and children, to attend the public ‘Id prayers and celebrations. No believer is exempted because of their gender or their physical condition from participating in this uplifting spiritual and social occasion. The Open Mosque accordingly, extends the warmest welcome to every Muslim (as well as to all our non-Muslim guests) to join us on this special day of homage, friendship and festivity.




9:30 am                        Takbirat  – Praising and Glorifying Almighty God

9:45 am                        Salat al-‘Id  (‘Id congregational prayers)

10:00 am                      Khutbah al-‘Id ‘The Power of the Pilgrimage’

Dr Taj Hargey, Founder and President of the Open Mosque

10:30 am                     Exchanging of Greetings and Gifts

10:45 am                     Complimentary Brunch and Snacks


To coordinate and facilitate the logistics in preparing hot refreshments, kindly let us know by email or phone (021-8242400) if you will be coming and how many people there will be in your party. We respectfully request everyone to be punctual and turn up at the specified time. Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

We look forward to welcoming all Muslims (men, women and children) as well as our many non-Muslim guests and supporters to join us on this auspicious day to mark the end of this year’s pilgrimage and to celebrate this important spiritual-social event in a spirit of faith, friendship and forgiveness. Inshallah / Deo Volente / God-willing.

See you at 9:30 am on Monday, 12th September!