Jewish and Arab Students to Visit The Open Mosque

The Open Mosque will host on Tuesday, 27th February 2018 a visiting delegation of 40 students and staff from the African Studies Centre of Ben Gurion University in Israel. This mixed group of Jewish and Muslim students and their lecturers are on an intensive study tour of South Africa. Part of their objective is to comprehend South Africa’s unique transition to a democratic dispensation and its enviable commitment to productive interfaith harmony. In the words of the trip organizer, Professor Lynn Schler, this understanding could be ‘a springboard for discussing ways of creating better dialogue and new initiatives in bringing about fruitful co-existence between Jews and Arabs in Israel’.

This inspirational gathering of Muslims and Jews at the Open Mosque is designed to foster full and frank discussion between the adherents of two key Abrahamic religions. From its inception, the Open Mosque has pioneered effective interfaith outreach in Cape Town and has welcomed the Wynberg Temple Israel Synagogue and its members to its various bridge-building functions. Aside from seeking information about South Africa’s politics, economics and society, the Arab and Jewish students will also be willing to respond candidly to topical concerns about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

While political antagonisms and ideological hostility frequently mar Jewish- Muslim relations, this important programme at the Open Mosque will be held in a spirit ofmutual tolerance, reciprocal respect and unfailing courtesy. Our guests from the Holy Land will be accorded the very warmest welcome and will enjoy the best of traditional Muslim hospitality. Both sides will deal with pressing issues and will also question ‘fixed’ positions, with the explicit proviso that polite conversation and respectful communication be the order of the day. Learning and knowledge are ideally a two-way street; and everyone has the right to agree to disagree.

This event is supported by SISOSA