Official Statement


In view of the malicious rumours and groundless allegations circulating on the internet and social media concerning the Open Mosque, the Executive Council would like to set the record straight.

We unreservedly confirm that we are not a gay organisation. We reject with contempt the unsubstantiated charges leveled against us that we are connected with people who are gay. The Open Mosque is an entirely independent non-sectarian institution that prides itself in having no formal links with other Muslim groups, let alone homosexuals or lesbians.

We are a Qur’anic-centric mosque where Islam’s transcendent text is our sole constitution and supreme guidance. We are a gender-equity institution where men and women are on par and equal in conformity with the Holy Qur’an’s clear directives. Note: Gender-equal in this context does not refer to sexual orientation, it merely reinforces the fact that there is no sexist discrimination or traditional male chauvinism in our place of worship.

We are a completely non-sectarian mosque, which means that we are not interested if someone is Sunni or Shi’ah, Wahhabi or Salafi, Tablighi or Sufi, Shafi or Hanafi, etc. We heed the authentic sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his original mosque in Madinah where there were no separate entrances for the sexes or artificial screens and barriers separating the genders inside the prayer hall. We follow the pristine practice of Islam’s prophet who did not belong to any sect, group or madzhab (school of thought) and where all believers as well as adherents of other faiths were warnly welcomed in the House of God.

If any one seeks to falsely portray the Open Mosque other than what we actually are by defaming, libeling and smearing us or to label us wrongly as gay or homosexual, we will institute legal proceedings against them and seek maximum punitive damages for such baseless accusations.