Passover: The Feast of Freedom

The Open Mosque and its congregation extend heartiest congratulations and the very best wishes to the Jewish community in South Africa during the upcoming Passover (Pesach) celebrations.

May this time of intensified spirituality and inspirational worship guide our Jewish friends, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbours to connect even more closely to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Let this period of deep inner reflection and jubilant communal well-being generate greater personal integrity and individual righteousness for everyone.

While the interminable conflict in the Holy Land is sadly tearing apart the Children of Abraham in Israel / Palestine (as well as beyond), it is crucial that Muslims and Jews here in South Africa do not import that toxic contagion to this part of the world. Local Jews and Muslims should build upon their common Abrahamic affiliations so that we can cooperatively combat the scourge of chronic government mismanagement, shameless corruption, massive joblessness, meritless reverse racism, uncontrolled illegal immigration, growing poverty, burgeoning criminality, rampant lawlessness, escalating drug trafficking, crumbling state-owned infrastructure and incompetent service delivery, along with a host of other related challenges facing South Africa today. Together, as patriotic Muslim and Jewish stakeholders in this beloved country of ours, we both can and must act jointly in contributing to the creation of a genuinely just, equitable and non-racial society for all.

So, at this important juncture in the annual Jewish calendar, the Open Mosque recognises and embraces everything that links Judaism and Islam, connecting both sets of devout believers in pristine Abrahamic monotheism. We therefore vicariously salute and rejoice in the ancient but inspirational Feast of Freedom that will be commemorated by Jews worldwide. We wish all our respected Jewish brothers and sisters a wonderfully blessed and truly uplifting Passover / Pesach.

God-willing – Inshallah – B’ezrát HaShém
Chag Kashruth Pesach — Happy Kosher Passover / Joyful Kosher Pesach